Ankapur model village and Ankapur chicken curry in Nizamabad Telangana,India

Ankapur is a small village in Armoor mandalNizamabad district of Telangana state in India. It is one of the Model Villages in the country. It earned its recognition as a Model Village by the ICARICRISAT and the International Rice Research Institute.Mainly this village cultivates turmeric crop. The village has great name not only in agricultural development but also for traditional Ankapur chicken curry in Telangana state.

Model village:

It is also recognized as a model village by INTERNATIONAL RICE RESEARCH INSTITUTE,MANILA, PHILIPPINES for outstanding achievenments in the field of agricultural development. Besides cultivating commercial crops, and vegetables on a large scale, the local farming communities have been raising various crops for seeds, instead of cereals and traditional crops of food grains. The Peasant Association of the village coordinates, organizes and controls various agricultural development programmes. The village also boasts of modern amenities for the inhabitants and is also taking up agriculture marketing by themselves.

Ankapur chicken curry:

Ankapur Chicken curry is very popular chicken curry in Telangana. In fact, this chicken preparation, is now one of the signature recipes of Telangana. Many People from long distance visit Ankapur just to taste and enjoy this traditional flavour of desi chicken curry.This chicken curry is made with the country hen of same village and locals as well as small hotels prepare it in the village. That is why its taste is unique as well as very delicious. This dish is not only popular in our state but also in Andhra. Trip to kuntala waterfalls, pochera waterfalls and Sriram Sagar project is incomplete without tasting the famous Ankapur Chicken. In addition to this,even international tourist from many countries like UAE, USA, etc.,visit this village for its desi chicken curry during thier trips.


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