Edupayala temple:

The temple Sri Edupayala Vana Durga Bhavani is in Nagasanpalli, Papannapet Mandal, Medak District. Edupayala Durgamma Devasthanam is the place where seven rivulets meet at a point. Here the temple of durga maatha is one of the most famous and powerful temple in telangana. Edupayalu is an unusual place with many natural stone formations.
The temple is located in the Pedda Gutta Soramgam to which people call as Garuda Ganga and the temple is at small distance where the Manjeera river flows. Especially ,one must visit this place in rainy season where the nature of forest and green fields makes this place more beautiful. In fact, this is one of the popular pilgrimage sites to visit around Medak & Hyderabad. And specially it is one of the famous one day trip. 


As it is built in 12th century, Edupayalu temple is one of the most famous and powerful temple in Telangana. River Manjeera flows as seven streams and they confluence at this place. Dedicating to Goddess Durga, the seven streams of Manjeera river are formed with the names of seven ancient sages namely Jamadagni, Atri, Kasyapa, Viswamitra, Vasistha, Bharadwaja and Gowtama. The idol of the goddess is situated in the middle of these 7 streams. In rainy season the river water flow increase in heights and reach the legs of goddess and thousands of devotees come to Edupayala to watch this amazing scene.

According to the legend, Maharaja Parikshit (the grandson of Arjun) performed Sarpa Yagya to get rid of a curse. And while Garuda was transporting the snakes used in the Yagna, their blood has fallen in seven different places. And the place where blood have spill became streams. All the seven streams meet here at Edupayala to form river Manjeera, hence the name Edupayala (Seven streams in Telugu) is formed.


Specially ,On the day of Shivaratri and Maagha Amavaasya, the locals celebrate a jathara .The temple is also very famous for Jatara, a three-day festival celebrated during Shivaratri in the month of February. At first, the festival begins on the day of Sivaratri and next it is follows by Bandi Utsavam where hundreds of bullock carts from 32 villages go around the temple. People decorate these bullock carts very beautifully and more colourfully. At last, festival concludes with Rathothsavam, a grand ceremony on third day. The jatara attracts large number of devotees.

The temple becomes inaccessible during peak monsoon season as the approach submerges under water.The rivulets join in the middle of the forest. Pilgrims first do bathe in the river and go to worship the goddess.

In rainy season the river water flow increase in heights and reach the legs of goddess Vanadurga Devi. As a result, several thousands of devotees visit this place at this time. Similarly, devotees not only from Andrapradesh but also from other states come to Edupayala. Accordingly, every year around thirty lakhs of devotees worship the Goddess Durga. Consequently, the Manjeera River which had its origin at Beedar and flowing at Medak and Nizamabad districts is acting as the sub division of the river

Timings: 5:30 am – 6:30 pm on Week days

5 am – 7 pm on Sunday.


Literally ,by vehicle it takes less than 2 hours from Hyderabad to reach this place. Further more, route from Hyderabad is to take left from Gandi Misamma Circle towards Dndigul. Additionally, the way is full of forest & beautiful green fields. It is at a distance of 3.5 km from Nagasanpally, 19 km from Medak Bus Station and 110 km from Hyderabad.

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