Kadem Project -Adilabad- Telangana

Kadem project

Rivers are the most important source of water which support life in many ways. Rivers are the lifelines of human civilization and so are the dams built across them. Mainly, these dams provide water for irrigation and hydro-electric power generation. They also supply water for domestic and industrial purposes. Some dams even serves as places of interest too.

One such notable attraction in Adilabad districts is Kadem dam. It is across Kadam River (at the village called Peddur in Kaddam Mandal), a tributary of Godavari River which enters Telangana from Maharashtra. Kadem Project is a Tourist Attraction in Adilabad.  This project is also called as the Kaddam Narayana Reddy Project.

According to history, the dam is named after a rushi name Kandava who performed great yagnas here, while it was officially renamed by the government as Kadam Narayana Reddy Project (KNRP) as a tribute to a popular leader of this region.

The Kaddam is a Major Reservoir across river Kadem.
The dam’s main purpose is to irrigate nearly 25000 hectares in Adilabad district, but its capacity of irrigating increased nearly 68000 hectares . This structure was built between 1949 and 1965. Scenic hillocks and greenery around the dam’s location, makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers. Kadem Dam is also easily accessible to tourists due to its proximity to the Secunderabad-Manmad railway line.

Boating and accommodation:

This is a beautiful place to spend some relaxing time during the weekends. Haritha Resorts of Telangana tourism is also available for accommodation here. Best time to visit is during monsoon and winter. One can find different species of birds here.Watching Sunrise and Sunset at Kadem dam will leave the tourist a memorable experience during the trip.Early morning walk along the dam side is a pure delight.

Boating at Kadem dam will be mesmerising. Speed boat along with the motor boat is also available. The stretch beyond the catchment area is an idyllic spot for cruising. Kadem Dam and the catchment areas are ideal places for nature lovers as the dam is set on a very scenic place. Visitors will have occasion to see a flurry of birds in different colours and sizes on the islands.

Recreational activities:

In addition, people can make their trip to the reservoir more memorable as Harita Eco Tourism Resorts of the Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC) introduced kayaking, archery and trampoline here, on the occasion of World Tourism Day. The TSTDC is planning to add some more water-relating activities and sports soon in future. The activities include pedal boat, zorbing ball, Segway rides, and Burma Bridge. As the charges for these activities are very affordable (Rs.200 for kayaking per two persons, Rs.50 for archery using eight arrows, Rs.20 for spending in the trampoline park) , this facility is drawing good number of tourists not only from Adilabad, but also from neighbouring Nizamabad and Jagtial district. TTDC in collaboration with Erudite Adventures of Hyderabad is offering the recreational activities at the project and resorts.

The Harita Eco Tourism Resorts, containing 12 air-conditioned cottages, won best resorts award twice. Suggestion to visitors is to carry food and water to the Dam as hotels are available at little far away from the place.

How to reach Kadem dam:

kadem dam is 268 km distance from Hyderabad and 51.6 kms distance from Nirmal and Armoor is 85kms.
The roads leading to the dam are motor able. Buses and taxies are also available at Adilabad and Peddur. Similarly,tourists can also access this place through railways, as the metre gauge railway line runs between Manmad in Maharashtra to Secunderabad and Adilabad is a station in between the stations.

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