Ramappa Temple Warangal

Ramappa Temple is also known as the Ramalingeswara temple.It lies in a valley at Palampet village of Venkatapur Mandal, in Mulug Taluq of Jayashankar Bhupalpally district,Telangana. It is at a distance of 77 km from Warangal, the ancient capital of the Kakatiya dynasty. Ramappa Temple is an ancient temple built in the 12th century, during the rule of the Kakatiyas. This temple is in South Indian architectural style and Lord Shiva in the form of Ramalingeshwara is worshiped here. The temple timing is 6am to 6pm.


The Ramalingeswara Temple is popularly known as the Ramappa temple.It is one such amazing piece of art and stands as a testimony of the royal Kakatiyas. The temple is named Ramappa, after its chief sculptor Ramappa. It is probably the only temple in the country to be named after craftsman who built it. The medieval Deccan Ramappa Temple dates back to 1213 AD. The Kakatiya ruler Kakati Ganapathi Deva under the authority of his Chief Commander Rudra Samani, built this temple . History says, it took 40 years to build this temple.


 The Ramappa temple is the right destination for people who admire architectural brilliance. And it have a panoramic view of true scenic beauty. Besides, the temple is a Shivalaya, where Lord Ramalingeswara is worshipped. It stands majestically on a 6 ft high star-shaped platform. The hall in front of the sanctum have numerous carved pillars, positioned to create an effect that combines light and space wonderfully. Above all, the main structure is in a reddish sandstone, but the columns round the outside have large brackets of black basalt. Especially, these are carved as mythical animals or female dancers or musicians. And are “the masterpieces of Kakatiya art, notable for their delicate carving, sensuous postures and elongated bodies and heads”. Another striking feature of this temple is, it is built with bricks which are so light and can easily float on water.

Interesting things about the temple:

Apart from its religious significance and historical importance and structural brilliance, Ramappa temple is known for a few unique aspects as well. The bricks used in building the Ramalingeswara Temple are light weight. Unlike other stones, these bricks float in water instead of sinking.

Another aspect to notice in this temple is the pillars. Each pillar of the temple depicts sculptures and stories from mythology. Many say that if you hit a pillar or a stone of this temple, you can hear musical sounds.

Unlike most of the other Lord Shiva temple in the country, here Nandi is shown in an attentive posture, as if ready to take the command of the Lord and execute it.

This temple is one of best among the medieval temples of South India. In spite of being decades old and witnessing various invasions and wars over the course of time, Ramappa Temple still stands majestically, creating a mesmerising impression on every visitor.

Food and accommodation:

Presently, here are cottages by the lake side along with restaurants.Specially, these have been set up by the tourism department. Hence, you can explore this beautiful temple and the surrounding areas at leisure. And later spend a relaxed time at the cottages. Additionally, Haritha Lake View Resort Ramappa is an ideal hotel for quality food for tourists visiting Ramappa temple. It is also the best option for quality accommodation with its well maintained interiors and rooms.


Ramappa temple is around 67 km away from Warangal. And it is 147 kms distance from hyderabad . It is easily accessible by road. Futhermore, many direct trains are available from hyderabad to warangal. Otherwise,one can also reach Hanmakonda and travel to Ramappa temple by local buses available .

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