Sri Siddharameshwara Swamy temple- Bhiknoor

There are many temples all around the world. Some idols of gods among these temples are man made and some are naturally formed. The naturally formed idols of gods are known as Swayambhu. Many people believe these swayambhu temples are very powerful as they are self existing. For example , the Jyothirlingas are considered swayambhu, and people believe the idol of lord Venkateshwara at Tirumala is swayambhu . so,this means these idols are not installed by any person but they exist on their own. Most of the swayambhu idols belong to lord Shiva in the form of lingas. One such swayambhu temple in Telangana is Sri siddharameshwara swamy temple-Biknoor.

Sri Siddharameshwara swamy temple-Biknoor:

Sri Siddirameswara Swamy temple is located at Bhiknoor which is a village and Mandal in Nizamabad district of Telangana state. Biknoor is well-known for this famous temple of lord Shiva. Sri Siddheswara Swamy Temple is the very old temple. And specially it is famous for its reverse position of the Shiva linga in garbhalaya. This temple is one of the rare temples of Lord Shiva in South India.  Beside, here is a big bell in the temple. Devotees believe that lord Siddheswara Swamy is the most powerful deity here. Similarly, Lord here fulfill all the desires of his devotees. Particularly thousands of devotees from all over Telangana arrives here and worship Sri Siddheswara Swamy with at most devotion.


Further more,the temple have a beautiful Mukhamandapa with well-sculptured pillars. There is also a Rajagopura is at the entrance of the temple with 7 kalasas. At the same time, the construction structure of temple have good architectural values.

Here people celebrate Mahashivaratri as the most important festival at this temple. In particular, On the day of Mahashivaratri, a huge number of devotees from various regions of Telangana state reach here and worship Sri Siddharameshwara Swamy with several pujas and Sevas.

Interesting things:

Interestingly, here is a powerful water well near temple and water is available through out the year. Similarly, the surrounding environment of the temple is very nice and peaceful. Additionally, devotees can find Ayyappa temple also near to this temple. And here a big bell is present in the temple and attracts every visitor. In fact the more interesting thing here is the reverse position of the shiva lingam in garbhalaya.


Swayambhu, Sri Siddharameshwara swamy Temple Biknoor is around 20 Kms from D.Dharmaram village.It is around 10Kms from Ramayampet, 15 Kms from Kamareddy, around 90 Kms from Hyderbad on the National Highway, NH-44 (formally NH-7) from Kashi to Kanyakumari.

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