Trimbakeshwar Temple NASHIK, INDIA Hindu Temple

The Trimbakeshwar temple is an ancient hindu shiv temple in Trimbak town, in Nashik District of Maharashtra, India. This temple is located between three hills namely Brahmagiri, Nilagiri and Kalagiri. The temple have three lingams(an iconic form of Shiv) together representing ShivVishnu and Brahma.The word Trimbakeshwar means lord Shiva with three eyes. Trimbakeshwar is one of the 12 jyotirlingas.

River Godavari:

Moreover,The origin of sacred river Godavari lies here only. Saint Gautam worshiped Lord Shiva to bring Ganga (Godavari) on this hill. The Godavari River originates from the top of the Bramhagiri and disappears underground for some distance. It then reappears at Gangadwar which is nearby.Again, It vanishes into the mountain and emerges at the Kushavarta Kund in the Trimbakeshwar temple compound, and flows onward towards Eastern India to the Bay of Bengal.  Godavari is flowing in three directions on the mountain. The one flowing towards east is called Godavari, one flowing towards the south is called Vaitarna and the one flowing towards the west is called the west-flowing Ganga and meets Godavari near Chakra Tirth. River Ahilya meets Godavari in front of the Trimbakeshwar temple.

Kusavarta, a kunda (sacred pond) in the temple premises is the main source of the Godavari River. River Godavari is considered as Ganges of southern India and it is the longest river in peninsular India. According to Puranas, taking bath in river Godavari will washes off all sins. Even, the sin of killing a cow will also wiped off. These waters have medicinal values too.

Although, the entire temple is built with black stone, it is known for its appealing architecture and sculpture.
The current temple is built by Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao (Nanasaheb). At the same time, it is at the foothills of mountain Brahmagiri and top of Nilgiri mountain. Furthermore, this temple is marvelous example of Vastu Shastra. As this place is surrounded by lush green hills, it is untouched by pollution. Anjaneri mountain, the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, is 7 km from Trimbakeshwar.

Trimbakeshwar jyothirlingam:

Basically, the Jyotilinga signifies the infinite nature of Lord Shiv. Lord Shiva showed himself as a Jyotirlinga on the night of the Aridra Nakshatra. At the highest level, Shiva is regarded as formless and limitless. Smilarly,he is transcendent and unchanging absolute Brahmand and the primal Atma (soul, self) of the universe. Originally, it believed to be 64 jyotirlingas while 12 of them are considered to be very auspicious and holy.

Trimbakeshwar is a religious center having one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The extraordinary feature of the Jyotirlinga located here is its three faces embodying Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra. Due to excessive use of water, the linga have started eroding. According to people’s belief this erosion symbolizes the eroding nature of human society. A golden mask of Tridev is used to cover the Lingas and a crown with precious jewells will be placed. This crown is from the age of Pandavs and consists of diamonds, emeralds, and many other precious stones. It is displayed every Monday from 4-5 pm.

Importance of trimbakeshwar temple:

The population of Trimbakeshwar town have a large number of Brahmin households. As a result, it is centre for Vedic Gurukuls (kind of boarding school). It also have ashrams and Muths devoted to Ashtanga Yoga, the Hindu art of living.

Moreover,this place is famous for lots of religious rituals (vidhis). Especially, Narayana Nagbali, Kalasarpa Shanti, Tripindi vidhi are done here. It is the only place to perform Narayan Nagabali puja. This puja rituals goes on for three days and special dates are preferable to perform this puja. Some days are not suitable to perform this dosha nivarana pujas. People perform this pujas for many reasons like to cure an illness, going through bad times, killing a Cobra(Nag), etc. Similarly, childless couples, people with financial crisis, and one wanting to fulfill any requirement also perform such pujas here. Especially,large number of crowd appear for these pujas on particular days and dates like amavasya,sundays,tuesdays,.

Information for visitors:

As this place is surrounded by lush green hills, it is untouched by pollution. Its scenic beauty will mesmerise the visitors. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoons and winter.

Except morning 5:30 to 7 am, visitors are not allowed inside the main garbhalay. The best day and time to visit temple is on monday at 4pm.The shrine of Mahadev is taken out for abhishek, at the same time,one will get darshan outside the temple. There is always a big queue and takes lot of time till you perform Darshan. Due to heavy rush you hardly get seconds for Darshan and pooja. Main jyotirling being deep down,one can see in mirror fixed in the temple. One can buy VIP pass(Rs.200) for fast Darshan.
Sitting in the temple premises, gives a great calmness and peace even though, hundreds of people are around.The place is full of possitive vibrations.

Trekking at trimbakeshwar:


Bramhagiri is a mountain range of the Western ghat in Nashik district of Maharashtra. Trimbakeshwar Shiva temple is located around this place only. The first peak of Sahyadri is called Bramhagiri. The mountain is 1298 meter high. Its height from sea level is 4248 feet. Saint Gautam worshiped Lord Shiva to bring Ganga (Godavari) on this hill. This mountain is the origin of Godavari River .Within 1 hour from the base village Trimbakeshwar, you will reach at the top of mountain ‘Bramhagiri’. It takes nearly 750steps climb. But if you take auto,it will drop you where you have to go by walk approx 200 steps to reach Ganga temple.

It hosts many other tourist places like 108 Shiva lingam caves ( narrow route), caves like Rishi Goutam and Rishi Gorakh. But once you reach and visit this place, you will be able to witness a different feeling.Here you realize how sages performed penance(tapasya) for thousands of years. Be aware of monkeys.


At about 14 kilometres from Nashik, Ramshej is situated on Dindori Road. Aashewadi village is the base of the fort. The fort has a long history and hence generates curiosity among the trekking enthusiasts.Lord Ram had rested here during his exile, hence the place is named Ramshej.Another important history of the fort is that after Shivaji Maharaj’s death, Aurangzeb attacked Ramshej fort. But couldn’t conquer it for five and a half years. Finally he bribed the fort manager to conquer it. It is a simple trek hence you can go with a big group. The temple in the cave and an old lake at the top of the fort are biggest attractions. It is a little slippery towards the west and north, so one should be careful. Also, several people miss out on the chor-darwaja to the west which is worth seeing.

Anjaneri mountain:

Situated on Trimbak road, Anjaneri is about 18-20 kilo meters from Nashik. It is a very popular trek among enthusiasts and a lot of people start trekking from this place. As it is the birth place of Hanuman, Anjaneri is beautiful and have a number of small waterfalls. It is easy and anyone can take this trek as age is not an issue here.


It is 13km distance from Trimbakeshwar. Harihargad is situated in Trimbak area and Nirgupada is the base village. It is one of the most interesting treks because of the variety that it provides to the trekkers.  One has to climb the 35-40 steps to reach the top. “This is the most dangerous patch. It is very steep and the constant water flow has left a lot of moss gathered here. Carrying a rope is advisable. Besides the monkeys who trouble you a lot, the place also have a thick fog-cover. Hiring a guide is preferable because of having a possibility of getting in wrong route.”

Food and stay:

Tourist find number of hotels and restaurants surronding Trimbakeshwar will find decent as well as luxurious hotels around Trimbak. Especially, lots of budget friendly hotels are also available. Similarly, coming to food, there are many street stalls all over street serving many will find pocket friendly dhabas as well as luxurious hotels with deeper pockets.Most of the hotels serve north indian dishes but we will find south indian also in some selected hotels. Finally, the food in Trimbakeshwar is a hit with one and all.

Travel distance:

The trimbakeshwar shiv temple is 25kms away from Nashik, 117 kms from Shirdi. And it is 179kms from Mumbai and 700kms from hyderabad. In addition, there are two railway stations nearby namely, Nashik road railway station and DEVLALI railway station. one will find frequent buses from Nashik to Trimbak. Trimbak is only half an hour journey from Nashik. Firstly, you have to reach Nashik from other regions and find your comfortable transport from there.


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